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Market Coverage

Anesthesia Progress appeals to all dentists who use any or all of the pain and anxiety control techniques—from acupuncture to hypnosis, relaxation techniques to local anesthesia, nitrous oxide or oral sedatives, and parenteral sedatives to general anesthesia.

ADSA Membership Profile

  • 97% of members reside in the U.S.
  • 3% of members are international and reside in countries including Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia, France, England, and Brazil.

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Advertising Formats

Anesthesia Progress welcomes advertising in the following formats:

  • Display print ads; premium positions offered
  • Digital advertising positions on the journal website
  • Preprinted inserts (pricing for custom printing available upon request) 

Commercial Reprints and E-Prints

Enhance your marketing and sales messages with article reprints that mention your company’s name and products.  We offer commercial reprints in both print and digital formats. Both formats may include your own ads, QR codes, and are fully customizable with your logo and other branded features.  Individual article reprints are available in quantities of 200 or more. E-prints are offered with minimum views of 500 or more. Additional views may be purchased separately. 

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Production Specifications

For complete print ad specifications, please see the media kit.

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Advertising Office

For general questions or additional information, please contact Onkar Sandal at

Advertising Office
Onkar Sandal 
810 E 10th Street
Lawrence, KS 66044