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This study aims to compare the effect of topical anesthesia against the use of no topical agent on pain of needle penetration and local anesthesia deposition during buccal infiltration in anterior maxilla. In a randomized controlled trial, 100 adult participants were randomly allocated to the benzocaine group (received 20% benzocaine gel) and no benzocaine group (received no topical agent) prior to buccal infiltration in maxillary anterior teeth. A 27-gauge needle was used to deposit 2% lidocaine with 1:100,000 epinephrine. Pain of needle penetration and local anesthesia deposition was recorded separately using an 11-point Numeric Pain Rating Scale. Results showed that although 20% benzocaine significantly reduced pain on needle penetration during buccal infiltration in maxillary anterior teeth, the difference was small and the clinical significance is not clear. Topical anesthetic did not affect pain of local anesthetic deposition.

Keywords: Topical; Anesthesia; Local; Pain; Benzocaine; Infiltration; Randomized controlled trial
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