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A 12-year-old Caucasian male undergoing a dental extraction for a grossly carious mandibular molar under inhalational sedation with nitrous oxide/oxygen experienced an episode of anterior epistaxis postoperatively that was controlled well with local measures. Epistaxis following inhalational sedation with nitrous oxide/oxygen in the dental setting is a very rare complication but has been previously reported in the literature. This case report provides a review of the existing literature regarding cases of epistaxis associated with inhalational sedation using nitrous oxide/oxygen and discusses the potential etiology of epistaxis associated with inhalational sedation. Patients at higher risk of epistaxis should be properly informed of the risks prior to inhalational sedation with nitrous oxide/oxygen, and dentists should also be familiar with epistaxis management in the dental setting.

Keywords: Epistaxis; Inhalational sedation; Nitrous oxide; Dental extraction, Case report
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